Monday, October 25, 2010

Mrs Kwok finally cooks!

Yes, I finally cook something decent in the kitchen!!!! I can't even count with my fingers the number of cooking attempts I've tried, practically no time for my kitchen~

Prince Charming begged to have Japanese curry rice for dinner last Saturday and I thought okay, shouldn't be much problem and so off we went with Baby Kwok to Rivervale Mall to get our groceries for the meal.

End up, we went to Daiso and bought many other stuffs and gotten the time drifted away that I had to rush like mad to cook this meal! (Needed to go back to my parents' place to celebrate my sis's birthday!) Nevertheless, Prince Charming enjoyed this meal much as I do :) Baby Kwok is still too young to savour the Curry rice so let's wait till he is much older and I'll definitely cook for him. I bet he'll have the same taste as his dad! :D

On a hind note, this time round I used S&B Curry cubes rather than the usual Vermont one that I always use. I seriously much preferred Vermont one cause they seems thicker! S&B cubes seems to require lesser water than Vermont kind cause I cook the exact way I do for my Japanese curry but they turn out not as thick as we wanted. Hmmmm.. or maybe it's just my cooking skill that has deteriorated?


Anonymous said...

congrats on finally being able to return to the kitchen! That curry looks scrumptious. And is that brown rice i see? That would make this meal healthy all right :)

Anonymous said...

The curry looks great. Now I wish I could eat some. :)

Aimei said...

hope to see more of your cooking and baking soon! :)

But anyway still can see your updates on facebook. ;)

alexa said...

the curry is very good, congratulations for your blog greetings from Tuscany, Italy

nwad said...

My DD was born in march this yr, she is total latch till now, so i know exactly how u feel about cooking and housework! :) The only joy i get is from baking cakes when she is asleep for the night and your archives is where i get my recipes from. You rock! ;)

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Thank you all! I'm terribly running out of time for my Kitchen. It seems that I do need to sit down and review on how to manage my time more efficiently.

Aimei - Hehe.. yes yes I'm rather active on FB if you notice cause that's the only place I can rant! :P

nwad - Hey, I'm still breastfeeding my boy too! You get to bake at night, thats so nice. I have a late sleeper so I don't really get to bake like at night cause he much prefer mummy to daddy. Heh~