Saturday, May 24, 2014

Pastel colored Macarons

I baked Macarons AGAIN! Hahaha!!! I am just hooked into baking these delicate little french cookies. There is no way to describe the happiness when you see the feet appearing on them. It's like.... you were running for a marathon thinking you might just give up halfway and the next moment you realised you have reached the finishing line. Bad description but well you know what I am trying to explain.

Baby Kwok #2 birthday party will be approaching soon and we have set a Little Pony theme for the party. The first thing that comes to mind about Little Pony - Rainbow, Pastel, colourful. I am getting so excited about decorating for the party as well as setting up a candy bar. When you have a girl, you get to do more things! (Oh well, I mean comparing to preparing a boy's party vs a girl's party, it makes a huge difference)

So.. here I present my pastel coloured macarons! Happy with the result but not what I was looking for so that means more posts on macarons soon! :P

Pastel coloured Macarons
(A combination of Pink, Blue and Yellow)

Prince Charming requested for a light dinner so we decided to have wraps. The requester did not make any comments after his dinner so I guessed that equals to "Not so nice" LOL! He only questioned about the marinate of the chicken fillet which I used as a filling. Hmm.. I think he hates that filling. Opps...

Our dinner! 
Chicken fillet wraps with Romaine salad and chips

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