Sunday, May 25, 2014

Basic Macaron shell recipe

I have people who sent me numerous private messages in Facebook for the recipe that I am currently using for my macarons. I can't say this is the perfect recipe for everyone but it does work well for me (At least, I get feets on my macrons after so many attempts).

Also, this recipe is less sweet as compared to many recipes on the Internet. The ratio between the icing sugar and almond meal is almost 1:1 which makes it acceptable. Most of the recipes that I have googled online were in the ratio of 1:2 (Almond vs Icing) and the sweetness is far from what I can accept - No doubt macarons were meant to be sweet.

Anyway, I am still constantly looking out for other recipes to try out before I can conclude which is the right and perfect macaron recipe. So till then, I'll post the current one that I like at the moment.

To make these macarons, you will need:

- 30g Egg whites
- 30g Caster sugar

- 35g Icing sugar
- 30g Almond meal

  1. In a mixing bowl, beat the egg whites till foamy. Add in 1/2 of the caster sugar and continue to beat. Gradually add the remaining sugar until you have peaks. This is called Meringue. Your meringue should be glossy and have define peaks when you lift your mixer up. 
  2. Sift your Almond meal and icing sugar in another separate bowl. Ensure that you get very fine mixture almost like a flour. This determines the texture of your macarons. If your almond sugar mixture is not as fine, your macarons will have rough surfaces.
  3. Add your meringue to the almond sugar mixture and blend well. When the meringue and almond mixture get incorporate well, press the batter down and then scoop up for a few times. This is known as Macaronage - the step that determines if your macarons will have feet or not. The consistency of your mixture should be like a lava texture. (Never seen lava? Just lift your spatula and see how the mixture drop down. You should see a ribbon trail when the mixture drops from your spatula. 
  4. Pour the ready batter into a piping bag. Pipe the batter into little round shapes. Tap to release the air bubbles and leave to dry for about 20-30mins. 
  5. Meanwhile, preheat your oven to 170°C for 5 mins then turning down to 150°C.
  6. Bake for 15 mins and leave to cool
For the fillings, you can use jam, nutella or self made some buttercream to assemble the macrons!
Have fun making these little french cookies!

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Minzy said...

Hi, I don't actually think your sugar vs ground almond's ratio is 1:1. You have to take into consideration the amount of sugar you add into your egg whites as well. I see that you use 30g whereas for myself, I only use 10g. And then for powdered sugar I use about 55g. So overall the sugar content in your macarons is similar to mine just that we use it in different areas. Thats why your macarons have feet. There's only so much variations you can go when it comes to the shells and yet have feet. This is science. As for why you think your sweetness level is lower, it might just be psychological?