Sunday, May 18, 2014

Nutless Macarons + Happy 4th Birthday Little Claire!

Attempted macarons again and this time round, it is a nut-less version. You're not seeing wrongly, yes NUT-LESS! No almonds! I wouldn't say the recipe is a big success because I felt that it tasted a little heavy comparing to usual macarons. Sesame has this strong flavour that is too overpowering I suppose. Guess I need to tweet the ratio of the sesame and icing sugar to perfect this recipe.

Black sesame Macarons (Nut-less)

It is my little niece's Claire 4th birthday celebration today! We went over to my sis's place for a mini celebration for the pretty little "Elsa" in disguise LOL! The girls are so crazy over Frozen that they requested a Frozen themed party!

Happy Birthday Claire!

Been trying my best to bake/cook more so that I get to post more. Shall take it easy and do things slowly because it is really not easy managing 2 kids. Baby Kwok #2 is now at the crawling, standing unassisted mode 24/7. She used to be okay with sitting inside the Jumperoo or walker, but now that she is so mobile, she prefers to be on the floor crawling away or be carried by us. Pretty tiring for Prince Charming and myself!

It is even worst when she is at teething stage because she practically do not sleep during the night and would fuss and be cranky. She only has 5 teeth at the moment so I cannot imagine the road down when she starts popping more teeth.

Baby Kwok #1 fractured his left ankle last Friday :( He fell from the school's chair and hit against one of the table resulting in the hairline crack on the ankle bone. Went KK Hospital and was put on a soft cast. Was told not to let him walk until we attend the follow up review this coming Tuesday. I am really praying hard that the review will be a good one and he can remove his cast and be active again. It is really upset when you hear your child asking you "Mummy, is my leg okay?" Please pray for me that the review with the Orthopedist will be a good one!!!

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