Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry X'mas 2011

Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I last blog! I was browsing through my blog and realized that I have not blogged for 2 months!!!! Goodness me, it seems like I've little time for my little space here but well, I'll try to blog more if I can.

Anyway, blogging on Christmas day has been an yearly event for me so here I am here wishing all my blogger friends and my visitors a Merry Merry Merry X'mas~
As usual, my family came over to my place for our yearly Christmas dinner :) This year round, I decided to take up the chef role and make everything from scratch! Pretty proud of myself! Hehe...

Without further delay, here I present to you our Christmas Feast! Pssst.. the Photographer (Prince Charming) was busy busy munching with the food and that he decided to give himself a break so no professional photos here ;)

Top Left - Right:  Grilled Root Veggies and Home-made Garden Salad
Bottom Left - Right: Honey Baked Ham with Cherry Tomatoes and Honey Baked Chicken

It was my first attempt baking a whole chicken! The last time I did Roast chicken, it was only Chicken thighs so while marinating the chicken today, was a little worried if it will turns out good. Thank god for the blessings, the honey baked roast chicken was a big hit with my family especially Prince Charming :)

And oh, all the kids enjoyed themselves so much especially Baby Kwok! He was literally running all around the house and oh, he love the presents that he received from my sister and brothers :) It was a whole load of fun for everyone, even our neighbour kids came to join n the fun!


Aimei said...

I saw your facebook! hehe.. overdue x'mas and a happy new year to you! :)

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hey Aimei,
Hehe Thanks! Yeah FB always the 1st place that I'll post :P

Wishing you a belated X'mas and a Happy 2012! :)