Sunday, May 24, 2009

Seafood Rice and Roasted Chicken

I made these for our dinner on Saturday. Although I have been spending quality time in my sweet kitchen, I haven't been hardworking enough to take pictures. Prince Charming is having his exams soon and I don't want to take up his precious time. As you know I am still a novice in Photography and it is so obvious because out of so many pictures that appear on my site, only 1% were taken by me. The latest one was the twin yolks! :(

Anyway, I'll learn to brush up my photography skills using a DSLR. I need more time!!!
Prince Charming was nice enough to offered his help for these pictures because I cooked it SPECIALLY for him! ;)
I want him to have a good dinner before he starts his studying schedules!

The Seafood rice comprises of prawns and squids only. They were the only seafood I managed to grabbed at NTUC on Friday night :( I replaced the usual raisins with dried cranberries and I though they were a perfect match! Dried cranberries comes with a tint of sourness and a little sweetness that works well to make the rice taste amazing! I used pork broth in place of water for the cooking and the aroma spread throughout my whole kitchen. Ahhhh wonderful smell!

The recipe for this roasted chicken came from a new recipe book that I accomplished lately. I topped the chicken with some honey and used the juice remains from the roasting with some brown sugar to make into a sauce to go with it. Tender juicy was what Prince Charming screamed when he made the first bite! That totally makes my day!


ganache-ganache said...

Cranberries & honey & your Princing Charming screaming tender juicy, you must have had a wonderful sweet dream that night :)

daphne said...

your lucky husband to have such lovely rice!! i love the colours appetizing.

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hee Hee~ Yes GG, I was so happy that he said the chicken was tender! He usually likes to complaint that I make the poultry so dry because I like using the breast part :P

Hello Daphne!
Finally see you back after your wedding! And goodness, you make lunch for your husband EVERYDAY?! I suddenly feel so guilty towards my hubby!