Sunday, May 03, 2009

Homemade Grill

On Friday, I met up with a couple of ladies from a local forum which I joined months ago. It was really nice hanging out with them! You would not believe that all of us only knew each other for not long, but we could relate to each other pretty well :)

After the mini gathering, I went off with Prince Charming to the supermarket for our BBQ Grill shopping! We have been talking about doing this for sometime and it seems that every time we talked about it, I would forgotten it the next moment! I have a bad memory to admit frankly.

Anyway, both of us finally had our taste on our own grilling session and it was FABULOUS!
Prince Charming commented that the grill tasted way better than the ones we had outside. I guessed it's because we had them in adequate amount comparing to surfeit ourselves when we dine outside.

We had the grill like the Koreans - Wrap the grilled food with sauce onto fresh leaves of lettuces.
It was awesome! I did the sauce using Gochujiang( Korean red pepper paste), some brown sugar, sesame oil and water. The sauce tasted heavenly. Try them out!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I baked muffin last nigth, but turn out hard and the muffin colour very pale, also muffin did not raise like yours, don't why? thank you for your advice......

Ms Jing

Aimei said...

Mrs kwok! Does this grill comes with waffle attachment or other things? I'm thinking of getting one from Phillis dunno is it good or not. How much is yours? :)

Manfei Hu said...

This philip cucino comes with 3 types of plate - Waffles, sandwich and BBQ.

This was a gift from my colleagues so no idea how much but I think around $100+? I think you can buy the tefal hot plate. Can make pancakes and bbq food and even make teppanyaki!

Aimei said...

I see.. But I like waffles leh.. Like those with deep
Deep grooves de.. O have one at home not deep

Manfei Hu said...

Oh! The philip one is quite deep I think? Must go home check hehe.. maybe I'll take some pics and show you. Hehee..

Btw, if you dont mind using those cast iron one, can go Isetan and buy but quite ex but oh, you can invest in the Cast Iron Takoyaki pan! I saw at Isetan selling $39.90!! I want to get it but already got the electronic one so forgo about it :(