Sunday, April 19, 2009

I've got Twins!

This is a super over-due post because I'm suppose to make this entry almost 1.5 months ago but I forgotten all about it! Anyway, you can call me a nerd or whatever but this is the first time that I actually strike a twins :)

Nono, I meant a Twin-yolk egg! I don't mind having twin babies actually, so I'm praying hard that if I'm pregnant, I hope to strike a pair of twins ;)


Aimei said...

Haha... this post is so cute! Yeah I agree it would be good to strike a pair of twins, so that don't have to give birth 2 times lor!

quizzine said...

Hi mrs kwok,
I just got a twins (egg) too! My marbled cheese brownie is still in the oven now ;-) Like you, i would love to have a real twins!

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hello Aimei,
Yah lor! Just have to go through the pain for once! After giving birth to the twins, can "close factory" LOL :P

Hey Quizzine!
Wow nice! Pray for me that I strike a pair of twins soon okay? :)

sherlyn said...

Hi Mrs Kwok ..

I have manage to read some of your past posts... lovely bakes and dishes you made .. and from your pictures, it seems that you are still very young only ... so talented. I have saved some recipes from your blog that I would love to try when I find the time. If I do post the bakes in my blog, I will link the recipe to your blog, is it ok?

ganache-ganache said...

U r so funny !! When I first saw your post title I was like wow twins ?? Lucky u got twin yolks, hahaha I get that almost everyday as I bake with giant eggs :)

chumpman said...


My 1st visit here ! I thought you had new born babies when I read title, LOL. Good thing for twins is you only give birth once but you have to be really energetic to be mother of twins.

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi Sherlyn,

I'm not exactly that young, stepping into my late twenties :) Not exactly talented too, cause you haven't seen my failed products yet :P I'm just ashamed to post them up!

Hello GG,
Sorry for replying late! I've been really tied up with my work lately and as you can tell, I haven't been cooking/baking much :( I terribly miss doing the both so much! Wow, you get twins yolk so often? It's my first time and so far, never see another one yet. Hmmm I hope that's a good omen for me! ;)

Hi Chupman,
Haha, that's my intention! I want to make the title sounds a little tricky so you know ;) Yeah, I'm hoping I get to get pregger with twins so I only have to go through the delivery once, but oh well Twins can be really tiring too. I cant imagine how I will manage if I really get pregnant with twins. LOL!

sherlyn said...

Hi Mrs Kwok, you sure are young, cos I am stepping into late thirties :). Well I have more failed products then successful ones. Its my dream to be able to bake as well as u and other bloggers. Will continue trying and must keep admiring your works too :)

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

You over-flattered me! :)
I think you are doing really good with the bakes! I bet it must be fun baking and cooking for your kids. I hope to have my own kids very soon cause I've always wanted to get my kids to engage baking with me!

sherlyn said...

ok, so I wish that your wishes come true soon. Baking with kids isn't that fun with me when I am worrying abt them making a mess cos I got to clean up afterwards so I don't really let them help much .. perhaps that is why they are also not too keen in helping me hahaha :)

ok jia you .. twins right ? :)

Anonymous said...

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