Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ahem.... Grrrrr....Ahhhhh

As the subject header goes, am currently declared sick :(
Went to work on Monday with a bad headache and halfway through, I felt warm. Yes, I practically felt warm in an overly cold (think north pole) environment! That means something but I ignored it. Went lunch with Esther and was telling her how awful I'm feeling, surprisingly I can still eat but not as much as I usually do (think hippo). We chatted a while and I sort of felt really uncomfortable and had the desire to seek a doctor help (think crawling to the clinic).

I waited 30 mins before I finally get to see the doctor. He was amazing shocked that I'm running a high temperature (think Sahara desert). I don't have any other symptoms except for a mild painful throat so he is not very keen to give me antibiotics. He wanted me to monitor my temperature because if it persists, then he is suspecting it might be dengue (think hospital). Ah, I got dengue once and I would never want to have it again another time!!!! Was give 1.5 days of MC and I totally dragged my feet home.

Back home, was upset with my Prince Charming for leaving me alone at home and happily venture to his Beloved cousin's house for some PS3 actions. I was like so goddamn (*beep) angry but oh well, what can I do? I had my medicine, sleep and ignored him the whole night. I tried to push him down the bed but no strength so I walked myself to the living room to sleep :(

He's a heavy sleeper so he only realized that I was not by his side when he woke up at 5am. Grrr... I was like shivering in the living room since 3am! Anyway, I gave him a whole load of shit (*beep) that day and he eventually raised his white flag. Wheeee! I WON!

Back in the office now and I almost doze off while clearing my 400+ emails. If only I could have 2 more days to rest at home. Sighhhhhh..


Wendi said...

Hope you have a speedy recovery!

Aimei said...

Hi Mrs Kwok, I was actually a little amused by your exaggerated description (those in brackets). Hehe...hope you don't mind! Hope you recover soon, rest well during the weekend!! Drink lots of water o!

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Wendi - Thanks! I'm fully recovered ;)

Aimei - Yes, very exaggerating hor! Haha, I was so sick I just write anything that came to my mind. LOL! I need to vent my anger :P Btw, Thanks! I'm fully recovered! :)

Oleagopoly said...

eh, friend of InkDot here.. =)
read ur blog and this entry is really cute.. good use of (brackets)...

get well soon!! weather has been really really bad...

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hello Oleagopoly,

Thank you :)
It's nice to meet new friends here, especially if we have common friends!

Yes, I agree that the weather has been really unpredictable and getting sick is so easy :(

The brackets - I was amused when I read it the other day (fully recovered) but realised that hey, I have a sense of humour too! LOL