Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wooooo.. in another 3 hours it'll be 2012! Time flies doesn't it?
Everything seems to running in the fast forward mode ever since I stepped into Motherhood! It's awesome on one hand but terrible on the other hand because it just make me feel guilty that I've not done many things that I targeted to have them done so in 2011!!!!

  • I wanted to bake Mango and Strawberry swissrolls
  • I wanted to make Crumble Apple Pies
  • I wanted to designs some cupcakes
  • I wanted to bake some croissants
  • I wanted to put my hands on painting
  • I wanted to learn sewing
  • I wanted to go on a diet
  • I wanted to conduct a mini baking sessions with my friends
  • I wanted to do some Art and Crafts and Baking session with Baby Kwok
  • I wanted to have photography lessons tutored by Prince Charming
These are just a few of my To-do list for 2011! For godsake, none have been fulfilled :(
Does that means I have to try to have them done in 2012? Guess I'll have to do that then~

Anyway, there's one thing that I did eventually fulfill for my To-do list which is to learn Korean Language! Have been checking on a few schools and finally decided on one. Have not done the registration yet but more or less confirming myself for their Jan's intake :) Apart from that, I'm pretty proud of Baby Kwok as he is getting himself comfortable with school finally. However, he seems to lost some weight after going to school. Sigh.... When will my Baby Kwok be Chubby Kwok? So thus, my 2012 MUST-DO list will be to plump up my Baby Kwok and his Papa (Prince Charming), making both of them very healthy and chubby :)

2011 have been quite a good year for me. I wouldn't say its fantastic but it is not that bad either. I managed to survive in a new job with  nice colleagues and also making myself comfortable being a mother, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law and grand-daughter. It was really a challenge in 2010 when I was promoted to being a mum but I'm really happy with this promotion! Even though I may not be the most perfect mum in the world but I know I'm the best mum to my Baby Kwok :D

In 2012, I hope that all of my love ones will be blessed with great health and happiness. For all the children, especially Baby Kwok and his cousins - May all of them be healthy and happy. For my parents/grand mum and in law/grand in law - May them be blessed with great health, wealth and happiness. For myself, Prince Charming and my siblings/cousins - May all of them be happy in all areas (Career, luck, wealth, relationships) and last but not least, may all my family be blessed with Great Health, Great Happiness and Great Wealth! Huat Huat Huat!

And before I end my post for 2011, I'll like to wish all of my blogger friends and visitors a Happy 2012! Here's a preview of what we had for New Year Eve's dinner ;) Bon appetit!


Magnolia Verandah said...

Just found your blog but see you have given up for 2012?

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi there! Yes, a short term break for myself :)
Been too overwhelmed with office and that I'm spending lesser time with my love ones so take some time off but I'll definitely be back! :D