Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday's Fusion Breakfast

Have you ever wondered what's your all-time favourite breakfast? Roti Prata and Cantonese porridge with Deep-fried doughstick has always been my all time favourite for breakfast and I usually try to alternate both every weekends, otherwise I would generally skip Breakfast and go direct to Brunch. If you ask me between Cantonese porridge and Roti Prata, which is your favourite? I would cast my vote to Roti Prata! I can eat 5 of them for breakfast but of course too full for my lunch then :P

To some, Roti Prata can be quite hearty as a breakfast but I believe people like me staying in Singapore won't be surprised if we have that served for breakfast. I guess it's because we grew up taking hearty breakfast? I even have friends who takes Tom Yum noodles as breakfast! I don't think Roti Prata would sound hearty to them if they were to choose between that spicy Tom Yum with the delicate crispy Roti Prata ;)

Anyway, I bought 2 packets of frozen prata pastries 2 weeks ago and they were as usual left sitting in the freezer till I saw them today while preparing for Baby Kwok's meals. Know what? I should learn to make a list of what I have in my fridge because just today, I realised that I have a few duplicates items and I even have stuffs that had expired and yet to be open! Arghhh... I can't blame this to pregnancy because I've been like that even before my pregnancy! It is just a bad habit right? 2011 target --> Learn to do "house keeping" for my fridge!

Alright, back to topic and so I decided to serve Roti Prata for Breakfast but hey, I do not have any curry mix and neither do I have any canned Curry Chicken so how am I going to serve Roti Prata with? Jam? Butter? Cheese? I know I can serve Roti Prata with those but I think it is always good to have a sauce so.... I decided to go fusion! Japanese curry with Roti Prata! It's amazing how matching they goes with each other! Don't believe? Try it yourself :)

Yum yum.. They go with each other so well!! 

Love the crisp :)

Hearty but I love it!

So now.. can you tell me what's your favourite breakfast?

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