Friday, March 18, 2011

Finally I BAKED

Alright, this is super long overdue. I did eventually baked for Chinese New Year. Nothing fancy, nothing weird, nothing shocking just my usual Pineapple tarts :)

I guess I did improves when it comes to molding the tarts but on the other hand, I need to be more well organised. I was panicking in the kitchen - For fear that my Baby Kwok will cry anytime! Also, I'm just too lazy to cook Pineapple jam which I even proudly told Prince Charming that I'll make my own Pineapple Jam this year. Ptttffff.... I shouldn't have brag it too early.

Nevertheless, pretty proud of my little tarts and my friends commented they were nicers than the usual ones I baked previously! Why? Because I decided to switch to a new recipe and adopted Little Teochew's recipe :)

Happy Munching!

Psss... I wanted to use my signature on my picture but guess what, my macbook ran out of space! I can't even save my works after editing them! Grrrrrrrrrrr... I need a new laptop!! Maybe a Macbook Pro?


Aimei said...

Haha I believe u must be very busy now.. People have told me have kids, no time to bake. So o must delay my bb plans.. :P

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hahah.. actually can bake but just need time management :) I have a friend who has a pair of twins who could bake cook do housechores and like when before she was pregnant with her twins. I really salute to her cause she has really good time management. I guess partly because she also engage in PT cleaner who does her laundries and ironing once a week.

I'm thinking of engaging a PT cleaner too.. no intention to get a real maid cause my loft is too small :P