Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby Kwok's BIG ONE Party

Time does flies isn't it? Baby Kwok will be turning 1 in another 2 weeks time and my oh my, my little baby has grown to be a toddler now! One super active and cheeky toddler :)

We'll be having his Big One celebration at one of the cafe located in the East and I am really looking forward! I guess when it comes to 1st-time mummy, we usually get overly excited especially with parties and celebrations with our little ones.

Preparation works start as early as January this year but... up till today I have not gotten the invitation cards, thank you note and Goodie bags done. God, now I'm only left with 1.5 weeks to go, I desperately need to fasten my pace so that I can get everything up before the party!

Anyway, been very hardworking in designing invitation card, poster, goodie bag labels and Thank you label for Baby Kwok's party. Friends were suggesting getting something off the rack (those ready printed Disney invitation cards) but I think I'll prefer to design one myself cause I wanted something unique and special :)

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This is the Thank you label that I've specially done up for our guests!
It's not something big but just a small token of appreciating their attendance for our Party :)

And oh, did you notice that we have a new banner? :P

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