Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What I've done and not done so far....

Done List
  • 95% done with hand washing of Baby Kwok's apparels (Rompers, Sleep suits, Receiving blankets etc...)
  • 100% done with washing of Baby Kwok's Cot bedding (I've only got 1 set currently and I machine washed them so its pretty simple!)
  • 90% done with packing of my hospital bag, with the exception of Prince Charming's stuffs. (He'll see what he wants to bring and wear - VAIN lor!)
  • Almost 100% done with the purchase of Baby Kwok's stuffs, for instance: Baby Bath, Bottom Balm, Bath Towels, Burping Cloths etc...

Undone List
  • Sterilize Baby Kwok's milk bottles and my Breast Pump
  • Align the Bedding set onto Baby Kwok's mattress and pillows
  • Wash and sterilize the Bath tub which is sort of hands down (We bought it for Prince Charming's Taiwan niece in 2007 when she came to visit us at 3 months old and it was only used for 1 week)
  • Re-align the Kitchen appliances to make space for the Sterilizer and Tupperware to store Milk bottles
  • Clean and "dettolised" my Fridge to ensure that the Fridge is bacteria free (Must store my breast milk in a clean and bacteria free environment)

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