Monday, March 08, 2010

Almost Almost!

Almost! Almost!
I meant my hospital bag is ALMOST ready! I wouldn't say its 90% done but I'm glad I actually did took out the effort to go through my list again and again and to reaffirm the necessary items with experienced mummies.

Remember the list that I posted several weeks ago? Many mummies have feedback that it is too long and many of the items are not that necessary for instance, Maternity pads/Breast pump/Breast milk storage bags. During my Antenatal lessons, my instructor Mrs Wong Boi Boi told the class that Colostrum or Breast milk may not come in right after delivery. Most of the mums get it maybe 3 or 4 days after baby's arrival which is why I suppose there is no need for me to bring my breast pump and storage bags to my hospital. Furthermore, most hospital do supply their patients with breast pump and storage glass bottles so okay... that's like 2 things off my checklist = lighter hospital bag!

Besides the almost ready hospital bag, I've just placed my deposit at the Infant Care Center that I'll be placing Baby Kwok once I resume work after my Maternity leave. Prince Charming and I had no choice to place Baby Kwok in an Infant care because Grandma (my mummy!) is still working and it sort of unfair for her to quit her job since I couldn't afford to pay her that amount of salary that she is getting, plus I can't even contribute the extra 15% CPF and the 2 times bonus which she gets every year.... I thought letting her to work is a better deal and most importantly, I've 2 brothers who are currently in University and Polytechnic. I believe with my mummy working, she can helps with the load that my daddy is carrying :) Even though Granny was telling me she don't mind, but I don't want to be a selfish daughter, I need to think for my parents who are approaching old age, don't I? :)

So another checklist done! FYI - Finding vacancies in an Infant Care Center wasn't an easy task!
Each Infant Care only caters to a maximum of 10 infants and many infant care centers have waiting list of up to 150! I'm really lucky that the Infant care center just 2 LRT stations from my area has 2 of their infants upgraded to the toddler group which is why I am able to get a placement there. Of course, I don't really like the idea of placing Baby Kwok in an Infant Care Center but oh well, I'd pray that I made the right choice. On a positive side, Baby Kwok can strengthen his immune system and has more contacts with the other kids which would make him more sociable when it comes to school.

Counting down.. I'm 35+ weeks into my pregnancy and will be due in another 2-4 weeks time!
Getting really excited!!


PlumLeaf 李葉 said...

Well Done for making start on Maternity Bag! My sis-in-law didn't do this in advance despite her family all telling her Vietnamese babies usually come 2wks early! Yes and baby came 16days early and my poor sis-in-law got told off by her aunt all through the journey back to her home to pack her Mat Bag before she returned to the hospital!

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Serious? My parents are stressing me about the packing of my hospital bag and my dad kept telling me best to pack early so I started to put in more effort :)

PlumLeaf 李葉 said...

All true I'm afraid! I don't know why she didn't pack her bag? She'd just given up work on the Saturday, and was due to see midwife on the Weds. Unknown to her, her waters broke on the Tues evening when showering before bed. In the morning she went to hosp and they told her she was in early stages of labour and to return later when contractions started. Her Aunt and Uncle were with her and had to take her back to her home to get her bag packed! So she got a telling off in the car journey all the way home!

I can understand why you need to pack early! In fact reading your blog has made me go out and but disposable panties and maternity pads! I've got 6mths to go! lol