Monday, April 21, 2008

The Apple of our eyes

I hasn't been baking recently, therefore the lack of my entries. Been trying very hard to lose some weight. My weight is still hanging at my normal weight but I hope to lose more by May. It's been tough because I'm really on healthy diet and trying very hard to kick off that junking habits. I hasn't been munching on any chocolates, fries or even chips. I haven't really touch a drop on carbonated drinks too! I'm proud of myself actually :P

My family day was spent at my own apartment yesterday. Usually, both my sister and I would go back to our 娘家 in Hougang to spent our Sunday with our parents. My mum would usually whipped up a whole table of food, just for the 4 of us (My hubby + myself and My sister + brother-in law). Yesterday, we decided to have a switch of routine. My mum has been complaining that she hasn't been visiting my apartments for months, so I suggested that all of them can come over to my apartment for our Family Day.

I go for the easier way by doing a steamboat. LOL! It saves up many troubles of preparing the ingredients and cooking them. Also, I have more time for my niece, Charlotte! We just love her to the core! She's the apple of everyone's eyes!

Look at my new dress. My 姨姨 bought it for me!

Ah hah~ This is the matching Hairband my mummy got for me!

Me with my Grandma! I love Grandma!

Me with Grandpa. I love Grandpa!

My mum says I shouldn't pull up my dress. I must sit elegantly.

My mum is bringing me to the pool so she bought me a swimsuit.
姨姨 says she prefer me in Bikinis. I guessed she maybe buying me one.

Heh~ I can't wait to go swimming with mummy and 姨姨!

That's me with 姨姨! I love her too!

I'm sitting comfortably on 姨姨's big big sofa.

It's me and Grandma again.
We are listening to 姨姨 talking non-stop as usual.

Steamboat for dinner.
Mrs Kwok: I love the Sukiyaki pork slices!


Aimei said...

Your niece is so cute and adorable! They are such a darling rite....I have two nephews also...yeah they are the apples of everyone's eyes...:)

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hello Aimei!

Yes, nieces and nephews are such wonders! They add so much beautiful colors to our lives! I am sure you love your nephews like how I love my niece! Hehe! 阿姨們~ 加油! LOL

evan said...

omg mrs kwok i cant believe you're on a diet! you're soooooo slim (and pretty), i don't mind living 5 years shorter just to hv your figure!!! gosh, i dunno why slim ppl always wanna diet, and its always the fat ppl (like me) who cant b bothered abt dieting haha. but now i'm also trying to lose some weight. really difficult!

don't go on diet lah, you're already VERY slim!!

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hello Evan! Aiyoo, i tell you a secret hor.. I photoshopped away my fats >..<

Now you understand why I'm on diet ;p LOLx Putting on weight takes less than 3 hrs but losing those weights takes more than 3 years. I think thats UNFAIR! Don't you agree? :(

And also, though I can say i'm on diet but i give myself too much freedom to sit and relax when I feel I'm not in the mood to exercise. Arghh.. :P

Let's gambatte together alright!

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