Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happy 42th Birthday Singapore!

It's National day! Yohooo, it's a PUBLIC HOLIDAY! Yohooo~~~ Oppsss..

Slept till 12pm today but was still so sleepy until daddy called and asked if we wanna go out. LOL~ I think my dad must be real shocked to know that I actually woke up in the afternoon cause I don't normally do that last time. I used to wake up like 8am on weekends but now, I think the earliest timing I've ever woke up is like 930am?

Well, all got to blame on my Hubby! He's always been an owl since his teenage days and so whenever I said that I wanna sleep, he will open his big eyes, stared at me and act kelian saying If I sleep, he'll feel lonely. SO..... I stayed with him throughout till like 1am? *Sleepy*

Anyway as promised, here's the pics of my onigiris~~

Shoyu topped with Seaweeds

What's with my expression?
OH! No make up! Look at that small eyes!
Eyes so small already still winked until like that!


Aimei said...

Hi Happy Mrs Kwok!

Can you teach me how to make this?? I bought a triangular rice mould from daiso and tried making it. I filled it with tuna but probably cos' I used normal white rice, it falls apart!! LOLx


Aimei :)

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi Aimei,

Not a problem! It's my pleasure :)

I think if you are using Thai white rice, there may be a little problem since the starch content in Thai rice ain't as much as the Japanese short grained rice.

For my Onigiris, I usually mixed 1/4 of the rice with Brown rice and 3/4 with Japanese rice. When the rice is cooked, you have to blend the Japanese vinegar into the hot rice asap so that the taste can be "eaten" in.

Upon that, using a glove, scoop a small portion of the rice and fill it inside your rice mould, followed by your tuna fillings. Note that the tuna mustn't be too wet else the rice will not stick and keep track that the filling must only be in the center of the rice so that when you top the upper layer with another portion of rice, they can stick together without having the tuna squeezing out :)

I hope that helps :) I bought the rice mould from Daiso too but Hubby find that the size is too small for him LOL!

Aimei said...

Hi Mrs Kwok,

Thanks! Looks like I have to get a packet of Japanese short grain rice, which I think I've seen before is quite expensive. I think I saw those smaller packets one before.

Any recommendation of which type or brand to buy??

Thank you again! :D

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi Aimei,

Exactly. Japanese rice are rather costly here in Singapore. However, you can opt for other choice like Calrose rice.

Japanese rice and Calrose rice both belongs to the japonica variety of rice, just that Calrose rice is mainly from California.

I bought my Calrose rice at Cold storage for $9+ (5kg)- Paddy King Premium Calrose Rice.

There's this brand "Kangaroo" which has the 1kg packets. They cost about $2+ if I recalled correctly. The difference is that Kangaroo ones are from Australia.

For a start (if you don't really use much of Calrose rice), you can try the Kangaroo 1kg option. If you really like it then go for the 5kg ones. :D

I hope this clears up your doubts :)

Aimei said...

Alright! Thanks so much! :D