Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blogging is taking such a longgggg timeeee

Well, I'm really thinking if I should continue to use Blogger as my writing tools or should I just switched it to some other sites. Blogger been getting real slow recently and some of the pictures take millions of years to load!

Hey, pictures tell a thousand words okay! I bet most of the readers are rather more interested in the pictures than the content. Boooooooo...

Went kickboxing last sunday and... I....nearly....choked....myself....with....my....own....saliva~ The instructor went non-stop for 1 hour, without giving me any water break~ I was so thirsty that I started swallowing my saliva to quench my thirst. I know it kind of sound disgusting but thats really what I did. Also, I sweated so much I stink like hell! Lucky, the dance studio was just nearby so I could just swiftly run home and get myself a nice bath.

Not to deny the fact that I really like Kickboxing. I guessed it will somehow help to tone up my body and to shake off the inches on my waist, thighs, arms, tummy etc etc. My body was aching like hell the next day and I could hardly open the toilet door in my office. Awwww.... Poor little girl right?

Anyway, 我下定決心對Kickboxing永不放棄! Preseverance is the route to success! I wanna have a figure like the models in ViVi! Gambatte!

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