Saturday, April 09, 2011

Blog Project #1: 早餐店系列 - 蛋餅 & 總匯三明治

Those who are on my Facebook would probably noticed my recent status "Blog Project #1: 早餐店系列 ♥"
Very motivated by many bloggers who actually make the effort to plan food projects for their blogs, I've also been thinking of starting mini projects for my blog to movitate myself to cook/bake more. This was pending in my To-Do list for quite sometime only till recently that I decided it's time!

The first project will be 早餐店系列 because breakfast is always the meal that I eat the most (in terms of appetite) and also the meal that I always look forward to :P Without further ado, here I present the 1st from my Blog Project #1. 1st from the project features Breakfast from Taiwan's 早餐店 which consists of  蛋餅, 總匯三明治 and Black Tea.

Blog Project #1  早餐店系列

蛋餅 is one of the most common breakfast in Taiwan that consists of  egg and  a batter skin. Most of the time, ingredients such as cheese, pork floss or spring onions can also be added to make it more savoury :)
My  蛋餅 receipe was adopted from 小小米桶 but I did some slighty changes to the amount of water added for the batter as I find that the orignal recipe's is a little too thick for my personal liking.

總匯三明治 is a MUST for my breakfast when I go back to Taiwan for holidays. I like the fact that it's full of ingredients and yet so cheap! It cost around NT25 for 1 which consists of at least 4 slices of white bread with lettuce, tomatoes, meat patties, egg, and sometimes ham. The amount of ingredients make this sandwich really tall that you have to secure with toothpicks. I don't have any toothpicks at home (cause we use floss) so my 總匯三明治 went out of shape :(  The sandwiches were really gigantic after piling all the ingredients. For mine, I added tomatoes, lettuces, chicken patties and egg.

Fellow bloggers who are also interested in my project, please join me! I'll love to see many posts featuring the different kinds of breakfast ;)


Kayla said...

This sounds like an interesting project:) Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day ever. I have not been to Taiwan before, but looking at your photos, I'd certainly love to try the breakfast there someday.

Small Small Baker said...

Your project sounds good and your 1st breakfast is my perfect kind of breakfast!

Aimei said...

Breakfast is the most imp meal for me and I never skip it but I usually dun have to prepare a good one. My usual
Is two slices of bread!

Your brekkie is so sumptuous, lucky your hubby o :)

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Yes you should visit Taiwan! :)Besides breakfast, their lunch/dinner are also scrumptious! I love their braised rice and Turkey chicken noodle! *slurp*

Hehe.. Join me in this project! In Taiwan they get these kind of bfast so easily and cheap! Every 10 steps you see one Breakfast store and they have way a lots of variety to choose from. I wanna attempt 河粉蛋餅 where they use hor fan to do the egg roll but..I think i need to practise first :P

I can eat the most for breakfast, think I'm a breakfast person :) My record was to eat 5 roti prata, but end up being too full for my lunch hahah.. When your flat is ready, I bet you'll be like me, making sumptous breakfast for your hub! ;)

Jessica said...

Wow nice breakfast,
Where you bought that small plate from ?

Manfei Hu said...

Hi Jessica,

The plate was bought from Daiso :)