Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog Project #1: 早餐店系列 - Pancakes & Hashbrowns

Now comes my 2nd from Blog Project #1: 早餐店系列, featuring homemade Pancakes and Hashbrowns!
Even though in Taiwan, most breakfast are very traditional - in terms of cusine wise which means more Chinese but as years grew by, most Taiwanese are also learning to adapt new cuisine and so you can see many western breakfast in their local 早餐店 as well.

Pancakes and Hashbrowns are the most common breakfast items that you can get from most 早餐店 and even though their pancakes may not be as fanciful as what we get from Western cafes, they taste great too!

I've always been making pancakes since they are pretty easy and blend well with almost anything - Jam, butter, fruit etc. It also goes well with milk, tea, coffee and juices which explains why this is so popular in Macdondalds cause not only the kids love them, adults too!

As for Hashbrowns, Prince Charming has a fetish towards them :) He especially loves the ones from Macdonalds' breakfast. I decided to make them myself instead of getting the frozen ready kinds this time!

Breakfast! My favourite meal of all time :)

Pancakes! I loves them with honey too!

Self-made Hashbrowns - I shredded them prior to boiling them. Makes work easier!

Hashbrowns are pretty easy to make but it can be tedious when it comes to shaping them. I had a hard time trying to shape my hashbrowns so I added some flour to make them stick. 


Aimei said...

Your pancakes looks really really tempting leh.. Hao Xiang chi.. :P

Manfei Hu said...

Heheh!! 來我家吧! :)

Aimei said...

Hehe can I?? When my house ready next time,we can visit each other! :P I'm getting my keys very soon.. About a months time. So excited!