Thursday, April 01, 2010

When is the time?

Tapping my fingers to await for my baby's arrival. Currently 38+ weeks and I've no signs of labour :( Most of my forum mates who are due in the 1st 2 weeks of April have mostly popped and I'm one of the few who've no signs of symptoms yet.

Baby Kwok, Baby Kwok... When do you want to come out?
Mummy and Daddy Kwok is waiting anxiously and excitedly for your arrival!

Plus, I don't even know how's contractions like! OMG!
I only know I've pelvic cramps/pain and I feel tightness on my tummy. Are these contractions signs? Praying hard that Baby Kwok will come out chubby, healthy and soon! :)

Oh, and hopefully I can lose at least 12kg of weight upon the arrival of my healthy Baby Kwok :P


PlumLeaf 李葉 said...

Ah! So close to your baby pop day now?

Hope baby makes an appeareance soon without too much pain and labour for you!

I have been feeling baby wiggle around in me now - my word is it a mover!

Best of luck with your last few days!

夏り said...

mdm hu! i'm excited for u! praying that you'll hv a smooth delivery and looking fwd to meeting baby kwok! urgh...yep..our very overdued meeting. haha

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Yeah, I kept asking my baby if he could come out earlier cause I CANT WAIT!!!

Miss Chew!!! Yah lor, our very long overdue meetup!
I really hope my baby kwok wants to come out by this week or just before my EDD!!!