Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Baby Kwok ^^

After a long hiatus, I'm finally back to blog.
Still "under-going" confinement now but it will be ending soon in another 1+ weeks time! HURRAY!

It's so tough to have your confinement done during the April period! The weather never seems to help much, plus the temperature seems to get higher and higher each day. Luckily the past few days were quite cooling with the help of some heavy rain. Unable to bathe is a NO issue for me but with my MIL staying in my house, I have to oblige to it but thank goodness my Mummy bought the herbal shower pack for me so that I could at least soak myself in water about once a week. Actually I did sneakily bathe during my stay at mummy's place while she's at work :P *shssssss*

And yes, my most important task to blog today is to introduce my bundle of Joy! My baby Kwok! He arrived on 6-Apr 2010 at KK Hospital! I went through a 26 hours of labour but it's all worthwhile when I see him :)

Here's my birth story which I said I'll share the other time.

5-Apr 2010
9:30am - Admitted into hospital for induction of labour

10:00am - After the monitoring of baby's heartbeat at Labour ward, prositiin was inserted to help soften cervix

12:00pm - Had my lunch at labour ward as there were no available ward for me to stay in yet

1:30 ~ 2:00pm - Yeah! Finally get to shift to my ward where I can sleep comfortably

2:30pm ~ 8:30pm - Contractions came in but bearable

9:30pm - Heavier contractions encountered, notified nurse and was sent to Delivery suite since I'm having immerse contractions every 2 mins

9:30pm ~ 3:00am - Having bad contractions and was so sleepy. Slept through out but the contractions wakes me up every min!

4:00am - Gynae came in to burst waterbag!! Wooo.. hot fluid coming out!

7:30am - Can't bear with the immerse pain so asked for Epidural aka HAPPIDURAL!

7:30am ~ 3:00pm - Painless labour but at around 1230pm, Epi ran out so was topped up with another one since I was only 7cm dilated

3:30pm - 10cm dilated! Was asked to push so was giving all my best to push to crown my baby's head

4:00pm - Gynae arrived and within mins, baby arrived!

It seems just yesterday that I've given birth but looking at the dates, it's 3 weeks already!
Baby Kwok will be turning 1 month next week and I can't wait to see the cupcake tree that I've ordered for him :)

Prince Charming took this for Baby Kwok and I'm loving it!
We're going to print it in Poster size for Baby Kwok's First Month Party :)


celine said...

hey congrats!!

amazing shot of justin, LOVE IT!! thought it was done by professionals!!

take care!

PlumLeaf 李葉 said...

So glad you found time to share with us your birth story!

Oh my my, you're baby prince is so so so adorable! You and your hubby must be so proud! Well done you two!

I love that pic - it will make a great poster for his Full Month Party!

Take Care!


Aimei said...

hey congrats to you becoming a mummy! baby kwok is just so adorable... beautiful shot! :)

Criceto said...

Very Anne Geddies pic. Picture purrfect babe!

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Thank you ladies! I'm been really busy with home and work so havent been monitoring my comments :P