Monday, June 01, 2009

三菜一湯 A Simple Fare

On every Saturday, both Prince Charming and myself would stay at home either to catch some DVDs or play some Wii or PS3. This is also the day where I would conquer the kitchen for almost the whole day to prepare for our usual Home cooked Dinner. I try to reduce the time of dining outside because of the oil and MSG intake, also for our weight maintenance. (More oil = More fats)

It has been sometimes since I start cooking some chinese dishes. The first thing that comes to my mind about Chinese cooking would be the preparations. They usually can take up the whole of my time if you notice. Anyway, I'm cutting short my story and let the pictures say it all :)


Jessica Ang said...

Hi Mrs Kwok, wat did u have in your potato carrot soup ? looks great

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi Jessica,
It's just carrot, potatoes, corns and some green onions :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs Kwok

Can share your recipe for the Fried Mince Pork and the Broccoli with Prawns?

Many thanks,
J's Mommy

Anonymous said...

Oops. Just realised that I did not leave you my email addy - Thanks in adv for sharing your recipe ;)

J's Mommy