Sunday, March 01, 2009

Yohoo..It's CURRY Time

Oracle has finally ended for this month so it's time for my kitchen again! Haven't been baking recently but I'll definitely find a day to go through my "To-Do" list and decides on what to bake. Oh well, let's just cross my fingers that I can have more time to spend with my cute oven ;)

I cooked up a big pot of curry yesterday and not kidding, it's my first time cooking Chinese style curry. I have never thought of doing it in the past probably because my mum makes really good curry and I don't see the need to do it myself. Additionally, it is very hard to gauge the amount to cook for just Prince Charming and myself.

The crave of cooking my first pot of Curry got so strong, I decided to hold a Curry session with my buddies. All thanks to the convenience packaging, I don't have to go all the way down to the Wet market to get Uncle Muthu to prepare the curry spices. I got myself a packet of Curry powder from NTUC Fairprice and also a bunch of Lemon grass. All I need for this curry session would be potatoes, coconut milk, onions and Chicken joints - That's easy since NTUC has almost EVERYTHING that you need.

All in all, the Curry session was really fun! Prince Charming enjoyed the curry as much as I do so I thought maybe it's not an entire bad idea to prepare a big pot of curry for just the 2 of us in future :P I really love the taste when dipping those french loaves into the curry. Yummy Delicious!

I got myself this chalk board from IKEA and really love it to core!
It's just so fun scribbling all around on the board.

Now you know what type of curry I'm whipping up?

First time pounding ingredients, sort of fun!

Close up of the Curry

French loaf against the view in front of my block.
These bread were sponsored by Qi! Thanks girl ;)


youfei said...


I'm a fan of curry too! and yes..i LOVE them with the french loaf. yum yum!

btw, thanks for adding me as a contact on flickr.

I've linked you on my blog, hope you don't mind =p


Aimei said...

Hey Mrs Kwok! The view from your window looks nice... lotsa greenery... :) Haha sorry I'm admiring the scenery more than your curry! :P Of course I know your curry must be nice no doubt about it la :D

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hello Youfei,

Welcome to my blogging world! ;)
It's great pleasure to have me linked up in your blog.

Curry and French loaf can never go wrong isn't it! I'm missing roti prata now >.<


Sorry for late reply, went for a short gateway to KL! Hehe...

I do love the green scenery in front of my block and the are constructing a fruit farm on a platform right in front! I can't wait!

Aimei said...

I went for a short getaway too, but it's at Batam! I like your deluxe suite, must be very comfy. :D

Cheyenne said...

Hi Mrs Kwok

Ur curry looks thick and yummy! can share how u go about cooking it? Also, ur view looks familiar., are u staying at Seng Kang area?

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hello Cheyenne,

I boiled some of the potatoes till really soft so when I cooked them in the curry, they sort of thicken the curry :) No extra corn flour or starchy water needed!

Yes, I'm staying at Sengkang. Are you in Sengkang too?