Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I have been getting lazy lately. Haven't been doing much cooking/baking, although I just cooked some Fried Tom Yum Mee hoon last night. After the cooking it was already near to 12am, was so tired that I did not take any pictures.

Having just come back from a short getaway, I'm yearning for another holidays! I think that's human nature, never get enough of good things! Was thinking of how to celebrate our 2nd year Wedding Anniversary and thought, maybe we can go to Tai Chung. Prince Charming and I planned to visit different part of Taiwan on each of our Wedding Anniversary! ;)

I totally enjoyed my Hualien trip last year and love the minsu to core. Was searching for some minsu in Tai Chung and came across 若茵農場. Looks really beautiful! I've told Prince Charming about this place and he agreed that we could plan the next trip there!

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