Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

On every Christmas day, my whole bunch of friends will meet out for our Christmas dinner followed by a Gift Exchange program. This year, everything remains except that we have moved our destination out of downtown area to a more heartland environment!

The change was started by me, because I was the coordinator for this year's Christmas program. Every year the downtown area will be flooded with people and it is really hard to get a reservation at any place. Furthermore, we have 2 little kids and it will definitely be a tough chores for both mums to struggle carrying their babies amongst the crowd.

I had a hard time looking for a dinning place because I wanted a place that has a nice ambience and is really cozy. It was such a blessing when I came across this cafe while on a trip and they were featured on the TV as well. I hurriedly called them up for reservations and was really thrilled when we finally visited them!

The whole cafe is really really comfortable and they have vibrant colors that brighten up your mood. Best of all, the owner - Priscilla is such a gorgeous and friendly lady. The whole cafe brings out a very cheery atmosphere and I'm sure kids and adults will love to stay inside for a long long time and yes, they have a nice and interesting name - With a Pinch of Salt by Kyra.

I think I'll save my words and let the pictures tour you around.

The entrance

Nice windows ;)

The Menu stand

Very colorful environment

Kyra the host with her slogan

Besides the usual dinning area, they have a side corner for games and it's quite spacious

I told you it's spacious!

They have very cute and innovative name cards.
We "grabbed" many many of them :P

I have not tried the cakes but they looked pretty delicious

Turkey Caesar Salad
Nice salad! I love the dressings very much~

One of the Christmas course - Teriyaki Salmon set
Very yummy sauce and the fish was cooked nicely. The potatoes were nice!

One of the Christmas course - Beef Tenderloin set
The beef was tender although the sides were a little dry so it was on the average range

French Caramel Pudding
Very milky and delicious! The choco balls around them were really cripsy!

The whole Christmas menu cost $30 nett. (comes with a Salad, Main course, dessert and a cup of red/white wine). Yes NETT, no GST, no Service Charge! How cool can that be!

With a Pinch of Salt by Kyra
297 Tanjong Katong Road
Tel: 6348 2297


ganache-ganache said...

Hi, belated Merry Christmas ! This cafe is so cool, think my girls & nieces will like it, will get my sis to chk it out.........

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi GG!

Happy Belated Christmas! Yes, this is one of the few cafes that I fallen in love with! I mean, it is kind of hard to find a cafe you can truly put your heart at ease while dining over there.

It is actually along the stretch of Tanjong Katong road, somewhere near Tanjong Katong Girls. Let me know if you need help ;)

Fallen Angel said...

Yoz gal! Merry belated Christmas and Happy advance 2009!

This looks like a cool cafe. I'm so gonna try it one of these days.

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hello Athena gal,

Yes, it's a nice and cozy cafe so you really must go down! Bring me along!!!

Aimei said...

Hi Happy Mrs Kwok,

Happy New Year to you! May all things goes well for you in 2009! :D

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Thank you Aimei!!

All the best to you in 2009! Let's strive hard!

silverrock said...

Woah! For a café whose slogan is... "It's only a cafe don't take it so seriously" that's some seriously fancy looking plating!! If only there were a cute café like that around BC :(

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Silverrock, the slogan makes the cafe oh so special ;)

Come Singapore and pay them a visit! I'm sure you'll fall in love with the cafe!