Monday, July 11, 2011

Hello... I'm still here!

Not that I've stopped cooking/baking but rather I'm been pretty lazy to update my blog *Hides in the wardrobe*. As you know, my little darling, yes my mini version Prince Charming aka Baby Kwok has started to walk since 13.5 months old (He's now 15 months old btw). Way before he mastered the art of walking, I was anticipating for that moment where I get to hold his hands and bring him out on a stroll in the park. I was wrong, totally wrong. This little terrorist of mine has never wanted to hold my hands or rather our hands (including daddy's)!! He only want to venture out himself!

The first time we let him walk on his own was in Kiddy Palace and it was like as though we were playing "Polices and Thief". The Daddy (yes, Prince Charming) was panting up and down cause he could not even stop for a break before our darling starts running around the whole place. It was scary, yes very scary! We were so afraid that he might just trip and knock into any corners/shelves etc. Finally we managed to caught hold of him (yes, he struggled like as if we were the kidnappers) and never let him walk on his own in the mall. Lesson learn! (But forgotten very quickly before the police and thief game starts again).

Okay back to topic, so yes been pretty tired from all the picking up of toys and running after my Baby Kwok that even when I have 30 mins of free time to update my blog, I would rather couch on the sofa and watch the TV.  I guess that's Parenthood, when you have time you just wanna rest! Anyway, am starting to time my cooking recently cause Baby Kwok will be going to school (ahem.. childcare I mean) in Nov and that means I have to make sure dinner is served within 30 mins once we reach home. Been practicing really hard but couldn't reach my goal of 30mins. More practice I guess...

Anyway, here's my little darling in his room, playing with his toys.(as usual)

I love you darling!! :D


Aimei said...

Haha like that u no need exercise le.. Running after him can exercise le!

Manfei Hu said...

Haha no leh, I pick up then couch on the sofa watch tv eat chocolate/chips! :(
Piling on weight!

Minnie said...

They're worth it :D

Lots of love,