Monday, January 17, 2011

Cola Ribs and Carmalized Wings

This is definitely one long overdue post! I made these ribs and wings almost 2 weeks ago but only had time to upload them now to Blogger. Pssst.. I'm quite active and prompt in Facebook though :P

Anyway, Prince Charming was moaning  yearning for Ribs! Yes, he was literally begging me everyday to do a dish on ribs for him but I never had the time because he wanted those Barbecue kind which I have no confident in doing it since they won't taste the same if I were to bake the ribs in the oven comparing to the hot barbecued kinds. Finally he decided to lower his standards to just any kind of ribs as long as they are prime ribs!

Okay so on our usual weekend grocery shopping at Cold Storage, we bought 300g worth of prime ribs for my first attempt to do a ribs dish. I was intending to adapt a recipe for Caramelized wings by 小米桶 and I thought, why don't I just marinate them together and see what I can do later! Anyway, both dish came out pretty decent except that the wings had those "chicken" smell which I deem must be due to it being a frozen one. I never had problems with fresh wings!

This was taken almost 1hr after I've finished cooking them because someone was just too addicted to his GT5 game that he "delayed" our usual dinner time and yes, he was too engrossed that he totally forgotten all about taking pictures for me! Grrrrr.... Guess it's time I asked him to buy a camera for me! Maybe a Olympus EP2?


Oleagopoly said...

looks good!
i use frozen chicken too. no major problem but have to look for a particular brand. I've gotta look it up (keep forgetting stuffs now =P). you need to really THOROUGHLY wash through to get rid of the smell..

Kayla said...

Your wings look awesome! I think it's really interesting how you marinate your ribs in cola. I'd certainly love to try it:) You should really post your recipe here !! :)

Elvis e Madona said...

loved it!

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

*nods* The brand does matter I feel! The other day my mum braised some wings with frozen ones and they don't taste that bad and she told me the brand that begins with S is better cause their smell is not so strong. I did wash them throughly at least 3 times but.. eeek I think I shouldn't be a cheapskate to buy cheaper frozen wings :P

The acid from Cola can helps to tenderize the meat and on the other hand, the sugar from cola helps to add flavour. Really a nice and easy way to marinate meat! It's actually pretty simple.

Marinate the meat with some salt and olive oil and then cover the meat with cola. For me I love sauteed onions so I sliced 2 big onions and added to the marinate as well. I left the meat to marinate for around 1 hour and which I pan fried the wings and while just before I lift the wings up, I drizzle in some cola too so that the color on the wings will come out darker :)


Aimei said...

I thought of making ribs during christmas for family gathering but didnt in the end. yea look forward to more of your yummy food that I can learn to make for my hubby next time in my new home. :P

Oleagopoly said...

Mrs Kwok,
I think it's Sadia. not entirely sure. quite hard to find at times. doublecheck with my hubby and let you know =) looks like a recipe to keep. yumz!

rino said...

good i like it..