Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm back!

After a long holidays (if only it's longer!), I'm finally back to blogging. Will be uploading my pictures shortly because Prince Charming snapped tonnes of them. I need some time to sort them out before revealing :)

Got myself a dozen of recipe books from Taiwan and oh man, they flooded my to-do list. I need to find time now for my kitchen. Attempting Creamy Butter Crab tomorrow. Yummy!


Irene's Travel Log said...

Hi Mrs Kwok
Can share with me...what are the recipe books you bought? From which store?

Is it cheaper than Kinokuniya with 5% discount?


deb said...

wow i just chanced upon this blog. it's so sweet that u guys love food so much and care to share it with the world :)

grub said...

Hope to see your sweet treats soon Mrs Kwok :) Did you have a good time in food haven Taiwan?


edith said...

Oh Taiwan is a haven for food and books. Wish I can persuade hubby to visit. :(

Anyway, check this out.

Have fun.

Debbie said...

Just chanced upon your blog while looking for bread recipes.
I love your photos. Which camera do you use may I ask?