Sunday, February 08, 2009

Ju Shing Jung

It was my Prince Charming's hatch day on Friday and well you know, my current workload is exaggerating heavy and I am not allowed to take any leave for this 2 weeks - Oracle closing in preparation!

Left with pretty no choice, I promised Prince Charming that I'll bring him for a nice meal and suggested Korean BBQ since he has been nagging about trying it out donkey years ago. The decision is now with him - Crystal Jade or Ju Shing Jung. He chose Ju Shing Jung since Audrey blogged about it and she was raving about the food. I was pretty happy with his decision since Ju Shing Jung is located at East Coast Park and that means more silent time with him - We don't have to face the downtown crowd that much!

The whole dining experience was relatively nice with good service at the restaurant. The restaurant is spacious and looks like the office canteen in those Korean dramas. We both went for the Lunch BBQ buffet that comes with unlimited 3 choice of pork and 1 chicken, plus all side dishes (kimchi etc) and yes, also a lunch special (Bibimbap, Saba fish etc). Afforable I would say, $29++ that can burst your stomach.

It's our first time trying out Korean BBQ so I couldn't comment much. Overall, it was good. Pretty decent menu and very helpful and friendly staffs. Generally, it is a good place for gathering since their seatings are so spacious ;)

A big feast of Korean side dishes and the sizzling pork belly!

Lettuces and sauce for wrapping up the BBQ meat.Yummy!

Clearer view of the side dishes (not all though). I love the octopus kimchi best!

The grill with our BBQ stuffs

My lunch special - Bibimbap

Prince Charming's lunch special - Grilled Saba fish

The wrapped BBQ meat taste really good!

The staffs helped to BBQ your food

Note 1: Prince Charming was a littleeee too happy with his wrap and he gave me a weird expression so I photoshopped his face in case he starts screaming at me for posting this up :P

Note 2: Photoshopped my face because I was eating with my mouth wide open! >.<

"주 신 정"

한국식 전통 숯불구이 전문점
1018 East Coast Parkway #02-01
Singapore 449877(Burger King 2nd Floor)


evan 이벤젤린 said...

ju shin jung!! its one of my to-try places. love the food pics u took la, damn nice. $29 for lunch buffet is really affordable! thx for the review, i see myself going there soon :D if u going again let me know, i can be yr kaki haha

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hello Evan!

I don't know much about BBQ. Personally, I like those BBQ meat to be slightly burnt and crispy (dry in other words). Not very sure about how Korean BBQ should taste like but I heard it's pretty popular among the Koreans :)

Ju Shing Jung actually has an outlet at West Coast, if you are staying in the West you can drop by there!

I think I'm not going to fit the bill to become a Carnivore because I got a little 膩 but then I'll love to try their Ginseng Chicken soup! ;)

daphne said...

oh yummy! What a treat!! I would love to try the bimbimup.

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hello Daphne!

The Bibimbap came with the buffet so I think they were just average. I guessed the Alar Carte ones might taste better?

I heard many good comments about the food there so when you are back in Singapore, check them out! Maybe you can ask Evan and me to join in as well. Heheee..

evan 이벤젤린 said...

OH YES, i think it would be great to meet up, the 3 of us :D

Chef C said...

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karlsfoodie said...

its the right choice to go JSJ instead of crystal jade..
i been thr many times and it always thumbs up for us... and when we try crystal jade ones.. we swear nvr to go again!